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From: Bonnie Evans

Dear Fellow Beleaguered Taxpayer:

I am not an accountant. I am not an attorney. I am a small business owner just like you. I have been the owner of my own business for 25 years. Not long ago, I was just like you, blissfully unaware that the Internal Revenue Service was lurking just around the corner. On November 23, 1999, I was sitting at my desk sorting the morning mail, when I came across correspondence from the Internal Revenue Service: “YOU’VE BEEN SELECTED FOR AN INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE TAX AUDIT!” Well, it wasn’t quite that blunt, but nevertheless, I had been chosen.


I had a staff accountant and corporate counsel who, I believed, were looking out for my best interest.  When all was said and done, I found that my home was levied and my assets were frozen.

When I needed them the most, I found my attorney and accountant to be of little help to me.  I went to work myself trying to defend my company’s name, reputation and, above all else, my assets.

Through my countless hours of research – mostly conducted during my sleepless nights - I learned that the knowledge and possession of this one simple document could have saved me the embarrassment and headaches associated with this daunting process.

Call your accountant right now and ask, “Are you aware of the Internal Revenue Service’s new effort to target specific professions and industries?”  If they can’t immediately answer that question with a YES, you have two choices:


Get your very own copy of Uncle Sam’s Tax Audit Assistant designed for Internal Revenue Service tax auditors and targeted specifically for your profession or industry.

I wish you success in your search for the truth and am confident, with the help of Uncle Sam’s Tax Audit Assistant, you will prevail in your personal battle with the Internal Revenue Service.


Bonnie S. Evans

Absolutely Amazing.  I would strongly recommend Uncle Sam’s Tax Audit Assistant Manuals to anyone needing help with tax or other issues relating to the IRS.  The best advice I could offer to any business owner is to buy the Tax Audit Assistant.  The IRS may not have knocked on your door yet, but the information contained in these Manuals is invaluable, and will prepare you for when they do come knocking.”
Eddie Washington
State Representative
State of Illinois, 60th District

"In today’s business world, you need every advantage you can get to stay one step ahead of the competitor.  These Tax Audit Assistant Manuals will keep you one step ahead of the IRS and help you maintain control of your finances and record keeping of your business.  I highly recommend it for the new or experienced business owner."
Peter Ngaonye, CPA
Peter Ngaonye & Associates
Chicago, Illinois


“These are the best manuals you’ll ever read on an IRS tax audit.  Absolutely packed with useful information that can help you through the process of the audit, including questions you will be asked and documents you will need to provide.  I can’t think of a more essential tool for any business.  The value of the manual far outweighs the price.” 

Charles F. Wonderlic, Jr.
President, Wonderlic, Inc.
Libertyville, Illinois
Employment recruiting, assessment and retention solutions



“Well researched and presented. I had absolutely no idea that the motor coach industry had been identified as a target for audits nor did I know that the IRS examiners were so knowledgeable about the transportation business.  The information that I learned from Uncle Sam’s Tax Audit Assistant for the tour bus industry was incredible.  It was very thoroughly researched and presented in a format that was easy for me to comprehend. 

Together, with my accountant, we have made changes to my business practices that will not only help me with the IRS, but will help me to manage my business better in every respect.”

Richard L. Hausman, General Manager
Robinson Coach Company
Evanston, Illinois


Support Our Troops

 Support Our Troops

Great American Tax Accountant's is proud to announce that a portion of your investment in our products will be sent directly to the Morale Welfare and Recreation Department of our Armed Forces.
Sacrifice is not limited to our men and women in uniform.  Children, spouses and families of military personnel are deprived of special times while their loved ones are deployed far from home.  Even when hostilities subside, they often remain separated – sometimes for years!
With all of the conflicts taking place around the world, the children, especially, are often focused on a theatre of battle where their mother or father is serving.  No one can take the place of the children’s parents, but everyone can make a difference in their lives.  The children and family members left behind need our support now more than ever.
The Morale Welfare Recreation (MWR) Department organizes a variety of activities and programs to address the needs of these individuals – providing quality support, recreation, and educational services to contribute to the retention, readiness, and mental, physical, and emotional well-being and enjoyment of the military community.

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