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Great American Tax Accountants (GATA) is a can-spam compliant organization. We respect your right to privacy. We promise NEVER to sell, barter, or rent your name, E-mail, physical address or any other identifying information that you give us with any third party, for any reason.

We will take every appropriate measure to safeguard the personal information shared with us. When GATA requests sensitive information, commercially reasonable steps will be taken to establish a secure connection with the user's web browser to assure privacy.

In general, users visiting GATA website (s),  do so anonymously, without revealing any personal information. At times, GATA will request personal information to provide users with a specific product or service. This information may include a user's name, shipping address, billing address, telephone numbers, credit card information and e-mail address.

  • GATA collects personal information to provide you with the most personalized on-line experience possible. Your email address will be used ONLY when you give permission to use it to receive scheduled email newsletters, special discounted offers, and other similar email information.  Any additional demographic information collected from GATA customers will be collected on an optional basis.
  • GATA web server uses cookies to determine whether users have previously visited the website. Cookies allow us to collect general usage information to customize and improve website services. General information collected by cookies may be disclosed to third parties in the form of aggregate data (such as overall demographic patterns) that does not describe or identify any individual user.
  • GATA cannot be held responsible for personal information voluntarily disclosed by its users to third parties. Please safeguard your personal information. Users may update and correct personal information via the website for select products where indicated on the site.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please send an e-mail message to:

Modify/Opt-Out Information
You can modify or opt-out from receiving email and newsletters from us by contacting us the following ways:

Send e-mail to:
By calling 1 (847) 687-5168 or contacting us via postal mail at:

Great American Tax Accountants
2835 Belvedere Road, Suite 309
P.O. Box 8787
Waukegan, Illinois 60079-8787

Additionally, at the end of our mailing and newsletters, there’s a link to change, modify or opt-out for future mailings.

Support Our Troops

 Support Our Troops

Great American Tax Accountant's is proud to announce that a portion of your investment in our products will be sent directly to the Morale Welfare and Recreation Department of our Armed Forces.
Sacrifice is not limited to our men and women in uniform.  Children, spouses and families of military personnel are deprived of special times while their loved ones are deployed far from home.  Even when hostilities subside, they often remain separated – sometimes for years!
With all of the conflicts taking place around the world, the children, especially, are often focused on a theatre of battle where their mother or father is serving.  No one can take the place of the children’s parents, but everyone can make a difference in their lives.  The children and family members left behind need our support now more than ever.
The Morale Welfare Recreation (MWR) Department organizes a variety of activities and programs to address the needs of these individuals – providing quality support, recreation, and educational services to contribute to the retention, readiness, and mental, physical, and emotional well-being and enjoyment of the military community.

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